Francis Mackey

Francis Mackey

As a life-long resident of Akron, Lebron James’ quote, “In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have” resonates with me. Growing up here, I understand the value of working hard for a valued result and understand the effort and tenacity required to get there. After watching my father and seemingly everyone in my neighborhood lose their jobs when the rubber companies left Akron in the late 1970’s, I also understand that sometimes no matter how hard you work, the cards are stacked against you before you even get a seat at the table.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are more interested in their profitability than getting you back to where you were before your accident. That is why I became a lawyer- to even out the odds for the every-day guy and help you get a full and fair result for your case. You work hard to make ends meet for your family- as such you should get a fair shot at compensation when you’re injured by someone else.

After graduating from Miami University in 1992 and The University of Akron School of law in 1998, I started my legal career as a Public Defender in Stark County. There I learned that every person is entitled to their Constitutional Rights and are also entitled to have their day in court, regardless of the circumstances. You understand that no matter what crime someone is accused of, there are protections to make sure they are treated fairly and how this is a bedrock principle of our County.

After that I worked as a defense attorney for large automobile insurance companies and I saw first- hand they were not interested in protecting the rights of the injured person. I learned that insurance companies are run to make a profit. It’s really pretty simple- The more they pay out in claims, the less profit they make. I saw first-hand the tactics and techniques insurance companies use to decrease the value of your case. This confirmed my suspicion that the insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny, delay, defend and make ridiculous arguments to avoid paying you a full and fair settlement for your injuries.

After this experience, I went to work as a Plaintiff’s attorney. I have been advocating for injured clients since the 20th century. Over my career I’ve represented thousands of clients resulting in millions in settlements and trial verdicts. In this time, I’ve had cases ranging from a rat biting a client at a pet store causing a serious infection to wrongful death cases resulting from a complex set of facts and circumstances and extensive trials. Every case has its unique facts and circumstances that make it interesting and challenging. That is what keeps me energized in coming in to the office each day. If you retain Amourgis & Associates as your Attorney, you have my word that I will do whatever we can to get you a full and fair result for your case.